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General FAQ

No, we are a technology company. Pairoo is the recruitment platform of the future; enabling clients to engage directly with doctors without any middle man taking a large cut. The locum agency recruitment model is highly inefficient, old fashioned and unnecessarily expensive. Its days are numbered.

Registration should take less than 30 seconds. We know that clinicians and clients are extremely busy and don’t want to spend time filling in long forms, especially if not all the information is relevant. To register online just click the Register link at the top of this page.

We know how important information security is and this is why it is our number one priority. We use highly secure cloud based technology to store all your personal details and documents. All data is encrypted, both in storage and in transit, and we use market leading technical safeguards to protect your data. Rest assured that your data will be safe and secure.

Of course. We always have human support available to answer any questions you may have. Just use the web chat feature or call us on 020 8956 2111.

Clinician FAQs

We certainly can. We are one of the leading providers of locums to the UK primary care market, supplying surgeries, OOHs, walk-in centres and digital healthcare providers. Remote consultations for digital healthcare providers is an area where we lead the market and we have exclusive/preferred supplier status with some of the largest digital healthcare providers in the UK. Register and have a look at the shifts available on the platform or contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

No, we will not charge you to register, search, apply or complete jobs.

To make the process efficient we have split documents into two groups: Verification Documents and Optional Documents. Both of these sections are found within Documents in My Account. The Verification Documents, of which there are six (GMC number, passport, CV, medical indemnity, DBS/CRB and Certificate of Completion of Training), are the mandatory documents that all clients will require in order for you to work with them. Some clients require additional documents, due to their own internal policies, and these are the ones we have listed as Optional Documents. If you wish to apply for jobs with those specific clients then you will need to upload the requested Optional Documents. You can see which Optional Documents are required when you click on Job Details within the Job Search.

Searching for jobs is incredibly easy and you can tailor your search using many variables, such as location, date and rate. You can also search for jobs based on your Favourites list, which is a list of your favourite clients, or based on your Availability dates, which you can input in the My Account section. Our smart search system even enables you to exclude all the IR35 jobs or to filter your results based on distance, IT system used and numerous other fields. We think we have the best job search functionality in the market.

After completing your shift, your timesheet will automatically appear in the Billing section of the portal. Submitting your timesheet couldn’t be easier; all you have to do is to click on Submit Timesheet, check the session times are accurate (if they are different then you can adjust them accordingly), add in any breaks (in accordance with the break policy, which will be visible on the timesheet), add in any expenses (if they have been pre-agreed with the client), tick the declaration box and then click on Submit. Your timesheet will now automatically be sent to the client for their approval.

Pairoo operates a weekly payment cycle for locums. Once your electronic timesheet is approved then you will automatically get allocated for payment the following week. If, for any reason, you want to get paid quicker then we also have a faster payment option where payment can be made within 48 hours of the timesheet being approved. There is a charge of 1.5% for the faster payment option.

Pairoo has a revolutionary referral system. When you register with Pairoo you will be provided with a 4-digit Referral Code. From the Referral section within My Account you are able to easily share this code with your colleagues using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or email. If your colleagues join Pairoo using your link then they will be tagged as your Active Referrals. For a 12 month period, whenever your colleagues work using Pairoo, you will earn a referral bonus of 1% of their earnings. There is no limit to the number of referrals you make!

Organisation FAQs

Pairoo has been designed to easily handle clients with multiple sites. You can set parameters, like Break Policy, IT system etc, either at the client level or at the individual site level.

We sure do. Although Pairoo is not an agency, we have taken some of the good parts from the locum agency world and brought them into Pairoo. Just like a regular agency may do, we check all the documents that the clinicians upload to ensure that they are valid and correct. However, unlike a regular agency, we tag each document with an expiry date and have automatic notifications which go to clinicians whenever their documents are close to expiry. If those documents reach expiry then those documents become unusable and clinicians can no longer book shifts. We also maintain a full history of all the documents submitted so we can always go back to check things if needed.

We are one of the leading providers of clinicians in the UK and are rapidly growing. We have managed to help clients significantly increasing their fill rate and at massive savings verses traditional agencies. Give Pairoo a shot at helping you with your locum cover and we are confident that you will not be disappointed.

Fill in the simple Registration form and one of our Account Executives will give you a call to help set you up on the Pairoo platform. They’ll show you how easy it is to post jobs and book locums.

Using smart technology allows us to be highly efficient and we can pass on those efficiencies with lower charges to clients. Some clients like to agree a fixed charge rate with Pairoo for locum shifts, whereas others like to set their own rate and pay Pairoo a fixed percentage for each shift. We are flexible and can work in whichever way is best for you. In all cases, we are confident that we can deliver massive savings verses using traditional agencies and provide a much better service.

We certainly do. Please see our dedicated Staff Bank page for more info. Or give us a call on 020 8956 2111 and we will be happy to help.

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