About Us

Our Mission

Our mission and what we are immensely passionate about, is improving the experiences and outcomes of clients and candidates with temporary staffing by leveraging technology to deliver a vastly efficient and convenient solution.

But we are much more than just a technology company; we are fully focussed on customer service and understand the importance of providing human support. Smart technology and human support, both working hand-in-hand to deliver an amazing service to our clients and candidates. Effortlessly Pairing candidates with clients – that is what Pairoo is all about and gives us our name.



Our History

Meet the Pairoo Team

Hassan Ahmad

Chief Technology Officer

Ali Merali

Head of Business

Abdul Sattar

Finance Manager

Imran Dhanji

Industry Expert

Kelechi Ejelonu

Senior Account Executive

Anastasija Petrosjana

Account Executive

Francis Appiah-Danquah

Account Executive

Usmaan Ahmed

Account Executive

Harunur Rashid

Senior Software Engineer

Mohammed Abir

Front End Developer

Pairoo is trusted by the largest healthcare organisations in the UK