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Acton PCN Staff Bank

Welcome to the Acton PCN Staff Bank!

Acton PCN has partnered with Pairoo to deliver an efficient digital staff bank platform which streamlines the process of booking Enhanced Access sessions.

What is a digital staff bank platform?

This is a digital portal that uses smart technology to allow clinical and non-clinical staff on the bank to search and book sessions, at their total control and convenience.

How do I register? 

To register on the staff bank please click the Register Now button at the bottom.

What are the benefits of registering?

  • Easily upload all your compliance documents
  • Search and apply for sessions that match your preferences
  • Once you have completed a session, submit your timesheet electronically for prompt payment

For more information:

Call: 020 8956 2111


Webchat: click the message icon at the bottom of the page

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