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The end of the locum agency draws near

The arrival of technology in the recruitment market is starting to shake things up drastically. Newly spun up cloud platforms are about to change the way healthcare does recruitment, is the latest and most innovative platform which is making a bold statement on where recruitment in healthcare is heading.

As CTO and Co-Founder of Pairoo, we spotted a gap in the market in terms of full-scale automation using technology as a win-win for both temporary healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations alike. Locum agencies have served an important function over the years by taking some of the admin burden and recruitment challenges facing them in the modern age. However, the time has now come to allow technology to make the recruitment process easier, more efficient and more cost effective than ever before.

Pairoo leaves pricing to market forces and lets the Clinicians and Organisations connect directly via one highly advanced yet easy to use platform. Compliance can all be done on-line and no manual effort is required by either party in deciding whether there is a match, Pairoo will take care of the whole process for you!

We believe that this revolutionary platform is a simple idea that is going to transform the recruitment process, taking care of every aspect from staffing requirement all the way to billing and IR35 compliance.

What does this mean to the healthcare sector? Well, for a start more money can go into the pocket of healthcare professionals and clinics with some much needed relief ultimately helping our beloved NHS. Not only that but burdensome tasks that were previously undertaken by NHS staff can now be streamlined, allowing them to focus on the main task at hand – improving the care that we will ultimately receive.

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